Why choose scientifically formulated Nutritious drinks or protein shake for children?

Why choose scientifically formulated Nutritious drinks or protein shake for children?


No one will disagree with the fact that protein intake should be prioritised in children as they are in their early phase of growth. But children also need DHA for brain development and soybean is the top choice when it comes to source DHA from a vegetarian diet. It would be so unfair to call Soybean Vegetarian’s meat as it is a lot more than that. Soybean contains a significant amount of Omega 3 fatty acid which is found in marine fishes. It makes Soybean a natural and plant based source for DHA. Pownut protein powder contains an abundant amount of essential vitamins like Vitamin A, B, C, D, E & K that boost their immunity, improve their eyesight and help them to go through a holistic development.


Children aren’t able to express themselves properly. They can’t tell if that glass of milk is making their belly upset. All they can do is – avoid that glass of milk and we have seen them doing so. Like adults, children can be lactose intolerant as well and many parents get to discover that in doctor’s chamber. Many children don’t like the smell of milk and so to make that glass of milk lucrative, Moms have to add various types of flavours. Pownut Protein Powder doesn’t have any strong smell that is repulsive to the senses. It comes in a mild Vanilla flavour. It can be served by mixing it with warm water. To make it healthier and tastier, Moms can add honey in it. We at Pownut formulated our Whey Protein Isolate in such a way that it becomes a super-food for the children who are in their daily search of Protein. The lactose that causes flatulence, indigestion and stomach cramps has been removed from the Whey in Pownut Whey Protein Isolate. Experts at Pownut recommend it for every child. The Soy based Protein on the other hand is completely natural and is free of side effects.

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