PROTEIN POWDER v/s MASS GAINERS! Which is effective for females to gain weight?

PROTEIN POWDER v/s MASS GAINERS! Which is effective for females to gain weight?

So you are about to buy your first supplement and you are overwhelmed by the choices. Before you invest in either of the supplement, know which one is going to suit your needs.

Are you someone who wants to gain weight and not gain muscles in specific? Like you want to do away with your frail structure and have no intention of having a muscular physique.

What will be the best choice for you? The difference between a weight gainer and a protein powder is that a weight gainer comes with a lot of added carbs and fats.

Protein powder on the other hand is packed with pure protein. But protein powder is versatile. It gives you a lot of options and most importantly you can make weight gain shakes with protein powders as well.

Inside weight gain powder for female

First, we need to know what’s inside weight gain powder. Different brands of weight gain powders come packed with different combinations of carbs, fats, vitamins, minerals and protein. They are packed with calories that boost your daily calorie intake. As you take more calories and burn fewer calories you start gaining weight.

Why invest on weight gain protein powder for female?

The good news is that you can also gain calories from fruits like banana, guava, and nuts & seeds like almonds, pistachios, and flax seeds. But why invest in a protein powder for weight gain for females?

Protein powders are made with whey, casein or plant-based protein like soy protein. Their isolates have high protein content and don’t have carbs and fats. Some brands add essential vitamins and minerals to make them more nutritious. Like Pownut protein powder comes with added vitamins and minerals.

Protein powder gives you flexibility

With protein powder, you get the flexibility of having your own choice of carbs and fats. You can blend your favourite fruits, nuts and seeds along with protein powder. Here are some recipes for making yummy weight gain shakes. (ADD LINK)

Protein powders are versatile

You can use protein powders both for gaining weight and for gaining muscles. You can design your diet according to your need. Like you can drink the protein shake without adding any carb just for gaining muscles and add carb if you want to gain weight.

Protein powders for lactose intolerance

Isolated whey protein or soy protein is the best choice for those who suffer from lactose intolerance. They contain very little amount of lactose that don’t cause harm. Whey brands are particularly sensitive towards this issue and so you get a lot of options with whey protein brands that you don’t get with the weight gainers. Weight gainers come with the specific purpose of gaining weight whereas protein powders serve multiple purposes if used properly. Best weight gain protein powder for females come in isolate form. They don’t contain the unnecessary forms of glucose like lactose that harm us.

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