No more lumps! Top Whey protein powder for men that dissolve fast!

No more lumps! Top Whey protein powder for men that dissolve fast!

Want your protein shake to be as smooth as they show on TV?

Real protein powder will always give you lumps – Is that something your fellow gym-goers tell you? Cut the crap! There are already too many myths surrounding the fitness world. You don’t have to buy every one of these tales! This article will help you get around those irritating lumps so that you can make your first silky smooth shake. Let’s find out how –

  • How to make a protein shake like a pro?
  • Which protein powder for men is ideal for a lump-free shake?

Why your protein shake has lumps?

Most whey protein powder for men come in plastic containers. They trap moisture inside them when you open the jar for the first time. The plastic body of the container doesn’t absorb this trapped moisture but your protein powder does. This results in the binding of particles into big lumps.

How to get around this problem?

You can fix this problem by storing your protein powder in airtight wooden jars. Wood retains moisture and keeps the powder dry. Thankfully some protein powders come packed in wooden containers. Pownut Protein powder comes in wooden containers so that you don’t have to spend on dedicated wooden jars. Now you are one step close to your smooth protein shake. But this is not enough as protein powder clumps when you mix it with water.

Do this with your whey protein powder for men!

Don’t pour water on powder – Putting powder into the shaker and then pouring liquid on it might seem convenient. But, this is the worst way to start preparation. This method results in the clumping of protein powder around the edges of the shaker. Putting powder on the top of the liquid is the right way to do it.

Shakers aren’t meant to shake – Once you have your protein powder on the top of the liquid. Slowly swirl the shaker so that all the particles come in contact with the fluid. Now you can shake it the way you want. Shaking beforehand partially wets the powder and they form lumps that are hard to break. Remember to swirl first and then shake.

Hot and Cold relationship – Shakers come with a ball or racks inside them that help you break the lumps. Adding ice helps in breaking the smaller lumps as they can’t escape the small blocks of ice. You can even use warm water and avoid the ice completely. Powders naturally dissolve well in warm water.

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