Natural Protein supplement to maintain your figure and weight without side effects.

Natural Protein supplement to maintain your figure and weight without side effects.


In an attempt to reduce the short term and long term risk associated with the existing protein supplements in the market, our R&D team came across the idea of cooking a recipe that reminds us of our home. Why we call it a recipe instead of calling it a formula? As we make our protein powder with Soybean. The same soybean from which Soya-chunks are made and that our Mums cook at home. Soychunks has long been called the vegetarian’s meat as it has the same texture as meat but it comes from plants. Proteins that come from animal sources come with a lot of downsides – there are risks of getting the diseases that animals themselves suffer from. A plant sourced protein powder bypasses all those risks and yet assures all the necessary nutrients. Soybean and its allied products is a big thing in East & South East Asia. Now it is gaining its popularity in India, North America and rest of the world as well. It is a boon for those men, women and children who suffer from lactose intolerance. The indigestion, flatulence and stomach cramps associated with lactose intolerance haunt them in their everyday search for protein. We should thank the nature and the food explorers who came across this heavenly food that help us to evade all the risk associated with other sources of protein. The Pownut Whey Protein Isolate is another great option for the men, women and children who suffer from Lactose intolerance. In attempt to negate the risks associated with regular Whey protein, scientists developed Whey Protein isolate that contains little or no lactose and this makes Pownut Whey Isolate a super-food.

Why choose Pownut protein powder if we can eat the home cooked soya chunks?

Pownut Soybean protein powder is a little different from soy-bean. While soybeans contain many unnecessary contents that are of no use to the body, we at Pownut ensure that those unnecessary components are removed and useful contents are put back. Our protein powder has all the necessary contents of soybean. Alongside the rich protein content, the Pownut protein powder is rich in calcium which makes it a great choice for the women who are in their 30s. 30s are known to invite bone related complications in women. Pownut Protein powder helps to slow that down. It ensures your daily need for iron, zinc, phosphorus and magnesium as well. Soybean has been found to reduce the bad cholesterol in our body which makes it even better. There are endless numbers of benefits connected with a Soy based protein powder. All you need is just to start your relationship with it.

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