Leave that awful tasting protein drink for men! Here’s an option!

Leave that awful tasting protein drink for men! Here’s an option!

What is the weirdest whey protein flavour you can get? 

You might be surprised to know that whey protein comes in flavours of banana, red velvet cake and even chai. But this is nowhere near the weirdest of all – The Pumpkin Pie flavoured whey protein powder. Yes, we found it the weirdest!

If you don’t want to get that much experimental and want to stick to a great tasting chocolate whey protein then you are at the right place. We will tell you how to choose an appetizing chocolate flavoured protein powder.

Reasons why some whey powders taste better!

So, we were looking for a chocolate whey powder that doesn’t taste bitter, doesn’t leave a bad medicine-like after taste and most importantly – It doesn’t leave debris of cocoa powder in the bottom of your shaker.

Pownut Whey Protein is one of such protein powders that is tasty, reliable and gets the job done. It comes with a decent price so that even a college-going student can afford it.

But right now you don’t have Pownut Whey and you are stuck in the middle of that awful tasting whey powder that you want to throw away. Don’t! Here’s how you can make it taste better.

Make a delicious shake of that dirt

When life gives you lemons, make lemonade. This is something that you can do with your present protein powder. Though, instead of making lemonade, you will make a tasty shake with it.

What goes inside the tastiest protein drink for men?

Why men? Because most men don’t like spending much time in the kitchen. So a protein drink for men should be convenient to make. It should be tasty as well. Most appetizing protein shakes are made at home inside our own blender as we can control what goes in it. The three most important ingredients that make protein shake heavenly are –

1 A source of protein – You have it! Your awful tasting protein powder. But you can always choose to add more ingredients like nuts and their butter. Nuts like almond, peanut, cashew, and walnut are great ingredients to enhance your protein intake. You can add seeds like flaxseeds and pumpkin seeds too.

2 Taste enhancers – We need something that makes your drink tasty without compromising the health benefits. Guess what? Fruits add great flavour to your drink and they add essential vitamins & minerals too. They make your protein shake more nutritious. They make your drink an ideal protein drink like Pownut’s whey and soy protein powders that are loaded with vitamins and minerals along with protein.

Coming back to the topic! You can blend fruits like Guava, banana, kiwi, figs, mango and sapodilla in your protein shake. They are naturally sweet!

3 Natural digestive aids – When you are to drink a highly nutritious drink rich in protein, vitamins and minerals then you should add natural digestive aids to ease the process.

Foods like yoghurt, ginger, fennel, cinnamon and peppermint are known to aid digestion. When added in small quantity they don’t alter the taste of your drink.

How to make the best protein drink for men and women? We have mentioned the essential ingredients that should go into your daily protein shake. But our taste buds aren’t the same and neither are our taste preferences. Men and women tend to have different choices too. So your endearing recipe shouldn’t necessarily be your spouse’s favourite too. Honestly, there is no unified recipe that’s the best. So you have to experiment with the different ingredients that we have mentioned and find the one for you.

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