How protein supplement works for gaining weight and building a strong physique?

How protein supplement works for gaining weight and building a strong physique?


There are two ways of gaining weight – One that makes you obese and the other that keeps you in shape. A scoop of protein powder that contains all the necessary amino acids and other nutrients in their natural form makes it the best possible alternative to our regular carb based diet. Protein Shakes keep you full throughout the day and this helps you to avoid munching on unhealthy snacks in between the meals. Amino acids are the main component of a good protein shake and they are the building blocks of our body too. So, it is not a surprising fact that protein shakes are the best way to supplement your daily protein requirements in the modern times. Protein shakes save your time, keep your days free of hassles and help you look forward at the day with full of optimism. There are a wide range of protein powders available with us – Whey and Soy Protein being the most common of them. They are also the most popular ones in the market.  It is true that Whey is the most popular form of protein for a reason. People love Whey because it comes from Dairy. Whey protein is derived from the regular cow milk and Whey contains all the nutrients that are there in regular cow milk. But regular Whey protein comes with all the risks of regular cow milk. Some people are lactose intolerant. This is why regular cow milk and regular Whey protein isn’t a great option for them.


There are numerous statistics that advocate the fact that around 12% of the world population suffer from Lactose intolerance. Many gym goers start their weight-lifting journey with regular Whey protein. Wide availability of Whey and lack of experience with other forms of protein powders land them into trouble. Gastro-intestinal complications and abdominal cramps become a part of their everyday life. Why? Because Lactose is a form of glucose that is found in Dairy based products and so they are present in the regular Whey protein as well – the leading reason why a lot of gym goers are switching to Whey Protein Isolate. Whey protein Isolate is the next big thing in the world of weight-lifting and sports. It has a negligible amount of lactose, so little that it is a safe option for many. People are also switching towards Soy based protein. Gym goers might believe in ‘No pain no gain’ catch-phrase, but we at Pownut know that pain shouldn’t be in your guts. Our team at Pownut R&D couldn’t overlook the pain associated with Lactose intolerance and so we formulated our protein powder that will help you to be consistent in your daily routine.


A protein powder derived from Soybeans doesn’t only contain protein. It contains all the nutrients that Soybeans have. All the essential vitamins, amino acids and minerals that benefit your health are there in it. What Pownut ensures is that you don’t consume empty calories in the form of sugar. Pownut Protein Powder doesn’t contain any sugar, but you can always choose to add honey to make your drink healthier and tastier. We can confidently say that Pownut Whey Protein Isolate and the Pownut Soy protein isolate have all the goodness and no risk associated with it.

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