Best protein shakes for men in 2021 that are reliable & inexpensive!

Best protein shakes for men in 2021 that are reliable & inexpensive!

Let’s face it! Some branded protein powders come with a big price tag! But can you always justify their price? We know many college students who don’t want to pay big bucks for TV commercials and brand ambassadors. So, we came up with our top 3 DIY recipes that can save you from spending that extra amount.

The secret of the best protein shakes for men!

A lot of protein shake recipes involve those ingredients that come with high calories. They are not just muscle gainer; they are weight gainers as well. But our focus is to provide the best protein shakes for men and their home-made recipes that can help you gain lean muscles without gaining unnecessary fats.

3 DIY protein shakes for men

The 4 categories of ingredients that you need to make an effective protein shake are a source of protein, a source of vitamins and minerals, natural digestive aids and taste enhancers. So here are our top 3 choices for effective and appetizing protein shakes –

Recipe 1 – When it comes to the vegan source of protein, nothing goes as far as green sprouted moong. Green sprouted moong provides you a whopping 33 grams of protein in every 100 grams of serving. You can blend it with mint leaves, low fat curd, almonds and black salt. Adding curd & almonds enhance its protein content. Mint leaves and black salt make it healthy and appetizing.

Recipe 2 – Soy milk, Soy chunks and soybeans are great sources of protein too. Every 100 grams of soybean contains 53 grams of protein but you can’t take them the way they are. For making it edible you have to first rinse it and then boil it. These processes involve loss of protein and so 100 grams of edible soybean is left around with 29 grams of protein. You can blend soy beans with low fat curd, guava, berries and honey for packing it with essential minerals and vitamins.

You can replace soybeans with soy chunks but they contain even less protein. Preparing soybean for smoothie involves hassle too. You can avoid all these by using Pownut’s soy-protein powder that comes in chocolate and vanilla flavour. Just mix it and drink it.

Recipe 3 – You can even grind and store powdered seeds and nuts that are high in protein. Nuts like almond, walnut, pistachios, and cashews are high in protein. Seeds like Chia and Pumpkin are also high in protein. Just mix the powder with milk and you have your homemade protein drink.

Body Mass Index should be taken into consideration when taking any type of nutrition. The recipes that are suggested here are for all types of body types across all BMIs, as they are low in carb based and fat based calories. Avoid overdoing it, as excess of anything can be harmful for you.

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