Beat burps & bloats! Best protein powder for men for muscle gain!

Beat burps & bloats! Best protein powder for men for muscle gain!

Let’s be honest!

You never imagined that your health goals would come with not so healthy smelly burps! Well if you are taking Whey and that’s the reason for gas formation then you are not alone. Many gym-goers have this smelly trouble. They are not hesitating to fix it. There are many ways that they are using to get over this. But first, we need to know why gas forms and what causes them to stink so badly?

What causes bloating?

Protein-rich foods are filling; they remain in our system for a longer time. As you consume protein-rich food like whey, your body takes time to digest it. As you consume other foods with a protein-rich diet they also stay in the system with them for a longer time. The longer they stay in our enclosed system the more they tend to stink. So it’s not the protein that you consume that is entirely responsible for the smelly gas but they are the initiators.

Lactose plays an important role in bloating as well. Lactose is a form of glucose present in some whey proteins. A research paper published in NCBI has shown that lactose increases flatulence in humans. Other components are artificial sweeteners, thickeners and colourings that make the digestion harder hence keeping the food inside the system for an abnormally long period. 

Does all protein powder for men’s muscle gain come with this problem?

No! Not all protein powder for men’s muscle gain come with this problem. This problem arises due to the incompatibility of the user’s body with the certain kind of protein powder. Though some protein powders that come with lactose are notorious for this particular problem, others are fine.

Avoid protein powders that have lactose and choose muscle gainers for men that are in isolate form. You can choose Pownut’s whey protein isolate that has little or no lactose content. You can take these measures to avoid bloating –

Change your protein powder – The first step is to ensure that you don’t consume those protein powders that contain artificial sweeteners, thickeners and colouring. Pownut protein powder doesn’t contain these degrading items that hurt your wellbeing. 

Don’t consume gas inducing foods – Vegetables like cauliflower, cabbage and broccoli should be avoided at every cost.

Avoid other dairy products – Dairy products contain lactose that is known to cause indigestion in some adults. Lactose is a type of glucose that our body isn’t meant to break down and so it is one of those ingredients that form gas. 

Add some herbs and cut others – Herbs like garlic and onion induce gas in your stomach whereas other herbs like ginger and tea relieve gastric stress. Avoid herbs that aggravate gas formation and try taking those herbs that aid digestion.

Use lactose-free whey – Use whey protein that is low in lactose. Whey protein isolates are low in fats and lactose. Like Pownut whey protein powder that is extremely low in these gas inducing compounds.

Best protein powder for men for muscle gain Men always hope that muscle gain regimen shouldn’t come with the discomfort of protein gas. Many men try experimenting with different quantities of protein in their diet. Sometimes reducing the amount of protein consumption can help to reduce flatulence. And it has helped many. But our bodies are idiosyncratic and we have to deal with it in a personalised manner. So, if the problem persists then you should start by stopping the protein intake and consulting a professional nutritionist or a physician. 

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