3 delicious protein shake recipes for weight gain for males!

3 delicious protein shake recipes for weight gain for males!

Weight gain shakes are easy to make. In fact, the healthiest of all weight gain shakes is the one that you make with your own favourite ingredients. Home-made protein shakes are healthy and fresh and most importantly you get to see what goes into the shakes. But if anytime you feel lazy and just want the convenience of mix and drinking protein powder then choose Pownut’s weight gainer that is equally healthy as your homemade drink. It is also available in multiple flavours. For now, let’s see how you can make your own protein shake for gaining weight.

Best protein shakes for weight gain for males have right ingredients

Best protein powder for men’s weight gain come with the specific purpose of gaining weight are high in calories. They are loaded with carbs, good fats and protein. The goal is simple and that is to feast on foods that are high in calories so that you consume more calories than you spend. So here are the tastiest recipes that can help you gain weight –

Recipe 1 – Chocolate is a great mood enhancer and a chocolate shake with ground seeds and nuts can influence your weight too. Prepare a milkshake with chocolate, almond, flax and walnut all ground and blended with ice cubes. Sounds delicious right? It’s is effective as well! You can top it with whipping cream and chunks of roasted whole nuts to make it more interesting.

Recipe 2 Have you ever seen a frozen banana? Check it on the internet! It’s one kind of thing. A frozen banana blended with yoghurt gives you a smoothie that has a great consistency. Use whole milk curd to keep the good fats. You can add pasted nuts and seeds like almond, flax, pumpkin seeds and walnut to make it more nutritious and healthy.

Recipe 3 – Make a chilled Mango shake in hot summer. Blend a ripe mango with milk, nuts and ice cubes and voila! There you are! You don’t have to work too hard in the summers. A simple mango shake can do the magic! Add honey to sweeten it. You can try desi jaggery too.

Gaining weight should involve eating healthy food. You should be mindful of consuming foods that are rich in good fats like HDL. Best male protein powders don’t come with ingredients like HDL, are low in triglycerides and have heart healthy nutrients. Regular exercise should be a part of your daily routine. Exercise keeps your heart healthy. It also builds hunger. Know your BMI before you go under a weight gain regimen. The smoothies that we have mentioned above are ideal for people who have a BMI of 18.5 or below. For those with a BMI of 29.5 or above – this isn’t for you.

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