About Us

About Pownut


We are the happiest when we serve you the Nutriceutical products that are meant for your body. We started our journey with one idea in our mind and that was to cook recipes that are ideal for an average Indian. Our products will not just supplement your diet, it will complete it.



You are at the centre of our attention. Every scoop of Pownut supplement is formulated keeping the customers in mind. Be it the problem of low nutrient absorption, or be it of indigestion related to the generic nutritional supplements, we have taken care of all of it. We have kept the quality high and have maintained all-around hygiene.



Our vision is to provide a comprehensive catalogue of nutritional supplements so that you don’t have to go anywhere. We started our journey with 3 lines of product and we are further expanding ourselves to many more. In future, we will come up with Pownut Peanut butter, Fish oil capsules, protein bar, BCAA and DHA-3.  We commit to people that we will provide them with health and nutrition.